Community Archives

New Features and Benefits

New Features and Benefits from Community Archives are receiving rave reviews from coast to coast.  Early results from these types of additional features range as high as a 33% increase in “average management company income per order”. The list of new features and benefits starts with pop-up screens per-product, to auto-expedite, to the addition of automatic pre-processing downloads. One example of the application of these new features would include the ability to have your clients see a custom “Pop Up Message” when a Requestor chooses a particular product.  These messages can explain which products are appropriate for which types of transactions, to letting Requestors know that some products can be combined in a “package”, which may be a better value over the span of a complete resale transaction.  Also, these new features are resulting in many new and innovative products being marketing by our clients to increase their profitability and continue to improve operational efficiency. Community Archives will continue to create nationally available custom program/set up options, at no additional cost to the clients. Many of these features are resulting in the accelerated conversion from ‘in house” and “other electronic services” to Community Archives.