Simplify the Resale Lifecycle for your Community

Discover a faster and simpler way to navigate the HOA resale disclosure process with our new all-in-one digital solution for self-managed communities, management companies, and developers.

How It Works

  1. Setup your company and community(ies)
  2. Setup and customize your marketplace products
  3. Start selling in our eCommerce marketplace

Our Products & Services
Built for You

Community Archives makes it easy for communities to manage their documents and information online. Our simple-to-use platform allows you archive important documents, configure digital document products, offer document products in our Marketplace, and so much more.

  • Transfer Management

    We can help coordinate post-closing activities after a home sells in your community.

  • Information Management

    A platform that simplifies HOA resale disclosure for self-managed communities and professional management companies.

  • eCommerce Marketplace

    A streamlined eCommerce application to allow shoppers—such as homeowners and lenders—to purchase the products that they need.

  • Order Preparation

    All orders are prepared by highly specialized preparers, who are specifically trained in the jurisdictions and products you choose to offer.

What Our Clients Say

Tips to Consider Before Refinancing Your Home Loan

When interest rates are low, many people start thinking about refinancing their homes. But is it the right time? For some, it might be, but for others, maybe not. Here’s why: The rule of thumb for refinancing is that there should be a difference of at least 1% between your current mortgage rate and the new rate you can get. So if you’re paying your mortgage at a 5.2% interest rate and the current national average interest rate for a 30-year mortgage is 4.2% or lower, you might want to look...

How to Attract New Homeowners to Your Community

With so many options for managed communities, it’s important for boards to seek opportunities to make their community stand out to potential new residents. Because most people buy from an emotional perspective, the environment and endeavors of a community are huge factors when purchasing a home. From making tangible efforts that result in lower utility bills and higher property values to enhancements that offer convenience and a sense of community, read on to discover creative ways to make...

Moving Out? How to Attract Homebuyers During This Uncertain Time

What goes up must come down—including the real estate market. Depending on several national, state, and local factors, the real estate market can vary dramatically from one location to the next. What’s certain, though, is that the market will fluctuate, and while you may find yourself having to sell during this time, it may not be as bad as you think. Home values in the United States have increased by 7.2% since 2018. Further, millennials are expected to form more than 20 million new...

Why Now is the Right Time for Single-Family Rental Investment

With any investment, there are several factors that drive decision making, but when it comes to buying real estate, taking a holistic approach—with current economic conditions at the forefront of the decision-making process—is critical. Consider current market conditions, cash flow, and the benefits of ownership to form an educated decision.  How Is It the Right Time? With stock market volatility, investor reaction to asset allocation varies. While some investors take this time to “ride...

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