Coming Soon: An Easier Way to Manage your HOA Docs

A faster and simpler way to navigate the HOA resale disclosure process is on its way with our all-in-one digital solution for self-managed communities and management companies.

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Community Archives makes it easy for communities to benefit more from the buying and selling of homes within their association. Our simple-to-use software lets you customize the products your association offers while ensuring all legal standards and protocols are properly followed.

  • Transfer Management

    We can help coordinate post-closing activities after a home sells in your community.

  • Information Management

    A platform that simplifies HOA resale disclosure for self-managed communities and professional management companies.

  • eCommerce Marketplace

    A streamlined eCommerce application to allow shoppers—such as homeowners and lenders—to purchase the products that they need.

  • Order Preparation

    All orders are prepared by highly specialized preparers, who are specifically trained in the jurisdictions and products you choose to offer.

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