Scalable Products that Let You Do More

Our products allow you to do more—or less—within the resale lifecycle of properties within your community. Based on your needs, our products let you have greater control over the end-to-end management of the HOA resale disclosure process.

Document Management

Define and manage community settings, including documents & information, closing fees, assessments, products inspections, units and more!


Allow inspectors to complete inspections from their mobile device. Through our eCommerce Marketplace, you can create property inspections and include them in your product order.


A digital store where shoppers can place, track, and manage document product orders for any property address or community within the Community Archives network.


View and manage the complete closing lifecycle after the order.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How do I create an account?

    A: Go to the login page to create an account. To set up a new account, click the Create an Account button. That will direct you to Sign-Up, from which you can fill out the fields and click the Sign-Up button.

    Q: I have lost my password. How do I reset my password?

    A: Visit the login page and click on “Forgot Password”. This will allow you to request a new password. Enter the email address associated with the account and click the Send My Code. A password reset code will then be sent to your email.

    Q: How do I set my company’s service tier?

    A: Click the Account Management tab on the side bar and select Subscription. For each community associated with the account, you can select the appropriate subscription product: Basic, Standard, Premium, or Enterprise. Once selected, press Save.

    Q: What do the different service tiers offer?


    • Basic
      • Provides an archive for storing and managing community documents and information.
      • Self-service association document management.
      • Added efficiency through workflow built around your association.
      • Association tasks can be clarified and simplified with this powerful toolset.
      • Get your weekends and life back with Community Archives’ Basic tier.
    • Standard
      • Basic plan plus more.
      • Self-service Marketplace.
      • Take, manage, prepare, and deliver document orders through the Community Archives platform.
      • Gain revenue through our fee split on the documents you’re already providing.
    • Premium
      • Standard plan plus more.
      • Full-service Marketplace.
      • Community Archives will manage your products, orders, and shopper assistance.
      • All you need to do is keep your archive updated!
    • Enterprise
      • Premium plan plus more.
      • Enterprise-level integrations.
      • Customized solutions that fit your firm. With Community Archives as a partner, we will become an extension of your organization for your communities and their shoppers.

    Q: How do I find my community from my dashboard?

    A: Communities that are already in the system are accessible through the Community button on the left-hand side of the dashboard. If you have multiple communities, you may need to use the search bar. For communities not yet added, simply click the Add Community button on the right-hand side.

    Q: How do I add or update documents to a community?

    A: Log in and click the Community button on the left side of the dashboard. Select the community you wish to update. From there, click the Documents tab. Press Add New Document and fill out the required fields. Click Upload to add or replace an old document with an updated one.

    Q: Can more than one user be set up to receive a specific notification for any given community?

    A: Yes!
    Assuming the user has been added to the system under the User dashboard, notifications can be set up in the Notification dashboard. Visit the new user registration guide and Community Notifications for more information.

    Q: Why am I receiving notifications for expired answers and documents when they are not actually expired?

    A: The effective date and update frequency that have been set up for the document or answer impact notifications. Visit our Community Documents page for more information.

    Q: I'm receiving notifications for a community that's not part of my portfolio. How do I update this?

    A: Follow these simple steps to opt in or out of notifications:

    • Click your name at the top right-hand corner and click “User Profile.”
    • Click “Notification Settings” at the bottom. Users can:
      • Filter the community list by typing in the search bar.
      • Add or remove notifications for all communities by clicking the green checkbox at the top of the table.
      • Add or remove individual notifications by checking the relevant boxes in the table.

    Visit Community Notifications for more information.

    Q: Why am I not receiving inspection notifications for my communities?

    A: First, make sure you’ve opted in to the “Inspection” notification for your communities. To troubleshoot the notification, try these methods:

    • If you have the appropriate notifications enabled, check your junk email and clutter folders to ensure the notifications are not being marked as spam.
    • If you have the notifications enabled and they’re not going to your junk or clutter folders, add “” as a contact in your contact list. This will ensure that notifications are not blocked before being received.
    • Consider setting up a mail rule for emails from to ensure the emails go to the folder you’d like them to.

    Managing Notifications

    Client users can self-service the notification settings. Below is a list of the notification types and the purpose they serve:

    • Contributor – contributor notifications are sent whenever a document or answers to the questionnaire are needed by Community Archives.
    • Inspector – inspector notifications are sent whenever a CCI is ordered in Community Archives.
    • Reviewer – reviewer notifications are sent whenever a document in the order should be reviewed before being delivered. *Note that additional set up will be required by Community Archives staff if the review function was not previously enabled. Please contact Client Support to verify and/or update settings.*
    • Preparer – preparer notifications are sent whenever preparing is not completed by Community Archives.

    Common Documents

    • Governing Documents
    • Budgets
    • Financial Reports
    • Insurance Certificates
    • Meeting Minutes
    • Welcome Information

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