Specialized Services. Seamless Integration.

Community Archives provides a comprehensive suite of services that allow you to navigate the HOA resale disclosure process more seamlessly. With our all-in-one digital solution, you’re not only maintaining regulatory compliance, but also benefitting from our customizable model, giving your community greater flexibility in the resale space.

Our Services

Order Preparation

An optional service, orders can be prepared by highly specialized preparers, who are specifically trained in the jurisdictions and products you choose to offer.

Shopper Support

Let us handle calls and emails from your shoppers.


We provide shipping of any requested physical copies of orders.

Information Review

We can review your documents and questionnaires to ensure they meet all statutory guidelines in your jurisdiction.


Skilled in the legalities of this task, we can handle your collections activities.

Closing Management

We can help coordinate post-closing activities after a home changes ownership.

Revenue Optimization

With our advanced reporting and analytics, enterprise clients can optimize their Marketplace products and pricing to maximize revenue and minimize expenses.

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